Events and Classes for Kids

School for training is a school for bay area kids where they can enhance their skills in extra curricular activities and work full benefits for the kids. Because of this Covid-19 season, we are doing our course through online and once it is over these classes will be transferred to the summer- program/ After school program for the kids. We also do SAT, ACT, all AP courses , Subject SAT and college counseling for high school students. Under the Main menu,

All courses are from Monday to Friday. Fees will be $50/week for one course.

List of the classes running right now

  • Public Speaking (2pm – 3pm) – $20/hr & 3 days/week (Mon, Wed, Fri )
  • Chess for beginner’s (3pm – 4pm) – $10/hr & 5 days/week (Mon – Sat)
  • Spanish Level 1 (4pm – 5pm) – $10/hr & 5 days/week (Mon – Sat)
  • English Reading Comprehension and Essay Writing (5pm – 6pm) – $15/hr & 5 days/week (Mon – Sat)